We don’t believe in “an adventure of a lifetime.” We believe in a lifetime of adventures. Travel has tremendous power to change the world. Are you ready to find your Travel Life?

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Why Travel Life Adventures?

Travel has the potential to change the world. When you travel with us you are joining a movement of transformative and responsible travel. How are you changing the world?

Social Business Practices

As a social business we send 30% of revenues from every trip back to the communities we travel in. We also strive to have 50% of our services be purchased from local communities.

Transformative Experiences

We combine adventure and exploration with authentic connections to people, culture, and yourself. Fun and excitement meet responsible travel to create life-altering journeys.

Fair Trade Travel

Our choices matter. Together we can create an equitable tourism industry. When we shed conventional thinking, travel becomes a powerful tool for change. Look for our Fair Trade Travel Pledge coming soon.

Custom Itineraries Put The World In Your Hands.

We will build an experience around your desires and goals for your travel. Take a few of the unique and amazing offerings we have, put them together, and create a trip that will be as amazing as you.

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Sherpa Culture In The Himalaya

Experience the rich and ancient culture of the Sherpa people of Nepal. Enjoy a home stay in a traditional village where your guide comes from. Partake in a meditation at a local monastery. Experience the high Himalayan Mountains by your own feet. View Sample Here.

Immersive Home Stay With Chile’s Ancient People

Get to know the Mapuche people of Southern Chile in this unique and amazing community based experience. Learn about the daily lives of a group of people fighting for the continuation of their culture. View Sample Here

Atacama Desert And Astronomical Adventure

The high desert of Central Chile is a truly unique landscape. Experience all this place has to offer while connecting with the people who call this place home.View Sample Here.