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We have done the work, laid the foundation, and cultivated partnerships over close to a decade to provide you access to meaningful experiences you can’t get on your own. By combining breathtaking adventure and travel experiences with culturally immersive and socially responsible activities we have created truly transformative experiences just for you. The journey to soul starts here.

Testimonials From Satisfied Clients.

“Three weeks of trekking through the beautiful villages of the Everest region, connecting with locals, eating healthy meals and testing our physical limits has refreshed my spirit… My wife and I plan to bring our little boy to visit Karma and his family in Nepal with Travel Life Adventures as soon as his little feet can carry him down the trails!” Read More

Scott M. Seattle, WA

“Great Trip! Travelling with Tanner and Kolena at Travel Life Adventures changed my perspective on travel…” Read More

Brad H. Seattle, WA

“This is definitely one of the best trips that I have been on. Not only did I get to trek through monkey-filled jungles, lush farmland, and up steep mountainsides to get amazing views of Nepal’s misty valleys and snowy peaks, I also got to experience the local culture… I highly recommend Travel Life Adventures to plan your next trip! They have close connections to the local guides and will make sure your money goes to support local projects…” Read More

Sarah L. Seattle, WA

“If its a brand new experience you are looking for, take your cue from the team at Travel Life Adventures and allow them to plan your next trip.  Its likely to be transformational, a journey both physically and mentally which you will not soon be able to forget!” Read More

Joy P. Seattle, WA

“The experience was unforgettable. It was truly an honor trekking with community leader Karma Sherpa and Teju. I felt I was in great hands every step of the way. Thank you TLA!” Read More

Chistine C. Seattle, WA

“Kolena and Tanner did an amazing job at organizing my 3 week trip to Chile!… Go on a TLA trip now! Kolena and Tanner’s intentionality with your experience will truly make it memorable and transformational!” Read More

Katie C. Seattle, WA

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