Kolena Allen, Owner and Founder

When I think about the set of circumstances that led to where I am now all I can feel is awe and gratitude. I was born in a two room orphanage in a slum in Kolkata, India in 1984. To journey from that point to where I am now is nothing short of a miracle. I feel that each day. The responsibility, the desire to make that journey possible for every child. For every person. I founded Travel Life Adventures because I saw an opportunity to harness a powerful and far reaching industry to achieve that goal. My dream is to connect people all over the world through the act of movement. The simple choice to set out into the world and discover life. That choice changed my life and I believe it can change every person’s life in the same way if they are given the chance. I have been given a chance to seek my dreams, find my purpose, and experience the world when so many others will never get that chance. This business will be the vessel that will bring that opportunity to travelers and local communities alike.

About Me

My dog is my best friend. He gets me.
The open road is my desire. Movement is life.
Community. Connection. Conversation. These things can change the world.
I love nature. But not in a “let me get a pic for IG” kind of way. It’s a love that runs deep and wild and free.
Family is a word. It is given and can be chosen.

Tanner Colton, Co-Founder

By all accounts my life has been, and continues to be, pretty damn easy. My privilege shows in all the ways I have been fortunate by none of my own doing. I believe that we each, as human beings, have a responsibility to care for each other, to work each day to make the world a better place. This belief is especially strong for people like me who have been given so much. With countless fronts that demand our attention and limitless need in our broken world it can sometimes be overwhelming. I struggle with my own inadequacy when it comes to addressing injustice in the world. My hope for this social business is to, in my own small way, be an active participant in the movement toward dignity, empowerment, and education of all people. Whether it is through radical change in the tourism industry, or the ongoing fight against the destruction of our planet, we all can be active participants in leaving this world better than we found it. We all can and we all must.

About me

I find my most true self and deep sense of peace in wild places. Mountains, rivers, forests. These are the backdrops of my evolution as a person.
The core of my spirit comes from the discovery of new experiences.
I express myself best through the written word and the captured image (most of the images on this website are mine.)
The duty to act in the presence of injustice belongs to all of us, especially when that injustice does not directly impact our lives.
I shampoo my beard daily and own multiple kinds of beard oil.
I am master of nothing. Novice at most things. Down for anything.