What Are People Saying?

“Three weeks of trekking through the beautiful villages of the Everest region, connecting with locals, eating healthy meals and testing our physical limits has refreshed my spirit and given me the strength to face impending fatherhood with a full heart and clear head!  Tanner & Kolena at Travel Life Adventures delivered on all of their promises and our guide, Karma Sherpa, has an amazing team of family and employees that made our stay and our summit push truly unforgettable.  We learned basic Sherpa phrases, ran across other trekkers and mountaineers from Europe, America, Australia and shared meals with our team of guides and porters. I can’t think of a better way to inject money into a visually stunning but economically struggling Country.  I felt so comfortable with Karma’s vast climbing knowledge and wouldn’t have made it to the summit of Island Peak without his care, support and enthusiasm.  Karma’s commitment to supporting his community and employees is inspiring and I look forward to sending more resources to help bring electricity and school books to the village of Sibuje.  My wife and I plan to bring our little boy to visit Karma and his family in Nepal with Travel Life Adventures as soon as his little feet can carry him down the trails!”

Scott M. Seattle, WA; Nepal 2017

“Great Trip! Travelling with Tanner and Kolena at Travel Life Adventures changed my perspective on travel. It was amazing to combine mountain climbing in such a beautiful area with a connection with the locals that can’t replicated elsewhere. Very unique and worthwhile. Our guide, Karma, is one of a kind, warm, welcoming and skilled. He was always there to make sure we knew what was going on and to help us when in need.”

Brad H. Seattle, WA; Nepal 2017

“This is definitely one of the best trips that I have been on. Not only did I get to trek through monkey-filled jungles, lush farmland, and up steep mountainsides to get amazing views of Nepal’s misty valleys and snowy peaks, I also got to experience the local culture. We visited monasteries and had the opportunity to stay in a traditional Sherpa house. We were served traditional Sherpa food and had home-churned butter tea, which was a bit rich for me, but it was fun to see it being made. Our guide, Karma’s passion and drive for his people are really inspiring and it made me feel good that my trip was helping to fund these projects. This trip opened my eyes to how responsible and sustainable tourism can greatly impact the local economy and that it’s important to choose a company that supports these values. I highly recommend Travel Life Adventures to plan your next trip! They have close connections to the local guides and will make sure your money goes to support local projects. And of course they will make sure you will have a memorable adventure!”

Sarah L. Seattle, WA; Nepal 2017

“Kolena and Tanner did exceptional job preparing me for the seven day trek to Sunder Peak in Nepal. They care a lot for their clients and partners and it shows. I’m grateful for the guidance and smooth communication they provided, including a thorough itinerary and a detailed, well-thought-out Nepal prep package complete with suggested trekking gear, reading, tips on how to be a conscious traveler in Nepal. Pre-trip, they checked in and inspired me to think deeply about my goals for this experience. The experience was unforgettable. It was truly an honor trekking with community leader Karma Sherpa and Teju. I felt I was in great hands every step of the way. Thank you TLA!”

Christine C. Seattle, WA; Nepal 2018

“For someone who doesn’t frequently travel internationally, the idea of going to a foreign country by myself was very intimidating.  Through hearing about the experiences of the team at Travel Life Adventures, traveling to Morocco sounded like an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.  Kolena and Tanner put together a great itinerary for me, shaping activities around my target budget, with the main event being a three day excursion through the Sahara Desert.  Before my trip, we met in person to go over the details and answer the questions I had about navigating the Moroccan culture and landscape.

Hicham, the Sahara guide, was so knowledgeable and experienced my apprehension about trekking through the sand dunes quickly dissipated.  Walking through the uniquely monotonous and beautiful desert allowed me to experience a quiet peace and confidence I hadn’t felt in recent memory.  I’m not sure if it was the rhythm of walking barefoot for hours in the soft warm sand, or the distance from cell towers and my usual responsibilities, but the feeling of space and freedom is not one I will soon forget.  It is difficult to keep anxious thoughts spinning in your head when you’re touring around with Big John and Little Francis, my new camel buddies!

If its a brand new experience you are looking for, take your cue from the team at Travel Life Adventures and allow them to plan your next trip.  Its likely to be transformational, a journey both physically and mentally which you will not soon be able to forget!”

Joy P. Seattle WA: Morocco 2018

“Kolena and Tanner did an amazing job at organizing my 3 week trip to Chile! Every detail was covered so I felt a great sense of peace traveling in the country. Their connection to Travolution provided a super unique experience, getting to do a homestay with the Mapuche people amidst gorgeous remote scenery. All their recommendations proved to be very valuable, especially for places to stay. My trip to Patagonia required so many moving pieces and I’m very thankful to have had their help/guidance with logistics. Not to mention they checked in with me several times during the trip which made me feel very cared for. Go on a TLA trip now! Kolena and Tanner’s intentionality with your experience will truly make it memorable and transformational!”

Katie C. Seattle, WA – Chile 2018