Core Principles

Our guiding slogan here at Travel Life Adventures is Transforming Travel. Transforming Lives. So how do we do that?

Transforming Travel
  • Fair trade practices ensure tourism is a positive force in communities
  • Educating travelers on responsible tourism practices
  • Combining fun, adventure, and amazing locations with deep connections to people and places
  • Shift the narrative of what is possible through fair trade travel practices
Transforming Lives
  • Empower communities to be active participants in the tourism industry
  • Provide meaningful experiences to travelers that go beyond your typical vacation style trip
  • Change the idea of what traveling can be from a disconnected luxury to a dynamic necessity of a full life
  • Encourage all people to expand their minds through travel
Core Principles
  1. As a social business 30% of profits from all business transactions will go to support community leaders in the places we travel.
  2. Travel Life is for every person regardless of age, gender, faith, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, cultural background, or country of origin.
  3. The well-being and empowerment of the communities we travel to is our highest priority and guides every decision we make
  4. Every travel experience should leave the traveler and the community they visit changed in a positive way as well as broaden understanding of the larger world and our place as individuals in a collective humanity.
  5. Travel is not an escape from life but a deep, meaningful, and transformational connection with people, cultures, and what it means to live.
  6. Travel has the ability to change the world, and induce personal transformation