The pledge

This lead us to make some commitments, a “mini manifesto of transformational travel” if you will. Our commitments to this principle are that:

  1. We Pledge to tread lightly in the places we travel, both physically and emotionally, in order to preserve culture, landscape, and local economy.
  2. We Pledge to actively participate in the empowerment of local people and culture through economic investment in communities and education of travelers
  3. We Pledge to promote travel in a responsible and sustainable way, namely by
    1. Encouraging exploration of places and culture instead of bombarding a specific site or activity
    2. Being conscious of the effects of mass tourism on fragile culture and environments
    3. Reintroduce mystery and exploration by choosing to be non-specific or even deliberately not promoting a place more than it can handle
  4. We Pledge to make responsible choices as providers and promoters of travel to ensure that travel works for communities, even if that means limiting traffic

It is our responsibility as travel promoters of all kinds to be mindful of how we talk about, promote, and interact with places and people. In our day and age of Instagram and Facebook there is a troubling trend of places and people being overrun and ultimately negatively impacted by travel. Sometimes that is sheer volume, other times it is irresponsibility. We believe it is up to those who promote travel to choose to do it responsibility even at the expense of our own business.

This is the Leave No Trace Travel Pledge. This may seem difficult, even counter-intuitive, but we believe it is necessary. If you would like to be part of the Travel Revolution and take the pledge Contact us here and let us know. We will place your name and/or business name and logo on our website and recommend your services to our clients.

Revolution is never easy, but always necessary.