Transformational Travel

The concept of Transformational Travel is the idea that travel can be a catalyst and venue for the expansion of consciousness and our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. With the right experiences, the right mindset, and an open heart and mind the traveler can literally become transformed through experiences that do not fit within the boundaries of existing assumptions, expectations, worldviews or cultural paradigms.

First we must answer three central questions:

  1. How does Transformation take place?
  2. What is Personal Transfromation?
  3. What is the Traveler’s Journey?
How Does Transformation take place?

What is personal transformation?

What is The travelers journey?

All three of these questions are interconnected and play a large role in the traveler’s transformational experience. So why is travel the perfect conduit for this personal transformation?

  1. Travel presents challenges that induce personal reflection and growth. These challenges can be physical, emotional, cultural, or spiritual and are essential for transformation to occur.
  2. By removing distractions and insulating the traveler from mundane occupational thoughts travel strips the traveler of their pre-existing bias’ and understandings of the world around them.
  3. Unfamiliar surroundings naturally breed self-reflection and questioning of ones understanding.
  4. Upon return this new knowledge and new self-understanding becomes tools for a new life.
  5. Sharing of the experience and the meaning gained from it induce a desire to make the world a better place, to use this new perspective to improve the world around the traveler.

Whether through intense physical adversity, deep spiritual exploration through ritual or ceremony, or immersive interpersonal connections with local people, travel is the perfect canvas on which to paint a new way of being.

How does Travel Life Adventures bring Transformational Travel to life?
  • Extensive pre-trip program to help open the mind and lay the groundwork for transformation to be possible
  • Knowledge and experience allow us to craft itineraries that give the best chance for transformative experiences
  • Custom built experiences specifically geared toward sparking new understanding and aiding in personal transformation
  • Skilled and knowledgeable guides and staff who will lead you on a journey of self discovery
  • Guided sessions of critical reflection before, during, and after each trip to break down the experience and make meaning from what you feel
  • Post-trip partnerships and opportunity to continue your personal transformation for life

Travel Life Adventures is at the forefront of Transformational Travel and are innovating new ways to bring these experiences to everyone. All that is required is for you to hear the call and take the first step.

We are also Ally Partners in the Transformational Travel Council. Our mission is to:

  • Inspire, empower, and support people in using travel as a catalyst for creating deeper connections with self and nature
  • Leverage travel as a tool for fostering global citizenry, communication, understanding, stewardship, and connection
  • Build a community of people dedicated to changing lives (their own and others) and the world through travel

Adventure is Calling. Will You Answer?