Transformational Travel

The concept of Transformational Travel is the idea that travel can be a catalyst and venue for the expansion of consciousness and our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. With the right experiences, the right mindset, and an open heart and mind the traveler can literally become transformed through experiences that do not fit within the boundaries of existing assumptions, expectations, worldviews or cultural paradigms.

What does it mean to transform?

  • Expanding of consciousness
  • Sustained shift in thinking, doing, and believing
  • New perspective of self, world, others
  • Deeper connections to culture, ecosystems, faith, humanity

How does transformation happen?

  • deliberate preparation of the mind and heart
  • seeking out of new and challenging experiences
  • critical reflection and meaning-making of experiences
  • community with others to share and dissect new paradigms
  • personal challenge or departure from comfort zone

Why travel is the perfect catalyst for transformation

  • challenge can come in any form: physical, emotional, cultural, spiritual
  • removal of distraction and pre-existing bias
  • unfamiliar surroundings breeds self-reflection and questioning
  • upon return new knowledge and new self-awareness become tools for a new life
  • sharing of experince with world at large, desire to make the world better

How does Travel Life Adventures bring Transformational Travel to life?

  • extensive pre-trip program to help open the mind and lay the groundwork for transformation to be possible
  • knowledge and experience in what to look for, prepare for to give transfromation a chance
  • custom built experinces specifically geared toward sparking new understanding and aiding in personal transformation
  • skilled and knowledgable guides and staff who can lead you on a journey of self discovery
  • guided sessions of critical reflection before, during, and after each trip to break down the experience and make meaning from what you feel
  • post-trip partnerships and opportunity to continue your personal transformation for life

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