Busting Myths About Traveling Solo As A Woman

  Often times when women share their solo overseas travel plans with others they are met with some form well-meaning advice or warnings to maybe bring someone with you. These comments undoubtedly come from a place of concern and misunderstanding of the world around us. It is important to acknowledge the unique and sometimes dangerous … Continue reading Busting Myths About Traveling Solo As A Woman

6 Tips For Solo Female Travelers

It has been my experience, more often than not, that when I talk to people about my big travel plans, especially if I am planning to go on a solo trip as a female traveler, I get a lot of “advice” on why I should not go and how dangerous it will be. Yes, solo … Continue reading 6 Tips For Solo Female Travelers

Let’s Talk About Coming Home

You’ve taken the leap and embarked on a journey into the unknown. You’ve left home and traveled to some far off destination and in the process have had amazing experiences, learned so much about yourself and the world you live in, and you have come home changed. You’ve come home brimming with excitement and with … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Coming Home

10 Life Lessons I Learn From Traveling

Travel teaches me not with agenda or curriculum, but simply through the act of movement. It slowly covers me in its warmth, gifting me knowledge, understanding, and true experience as I make my way through the world. When I take that leap into the unknown I am then able to learn about diverse cultures, meet … Continue reading 10 Life Lessons I Learn From Traveling

Some People Are Born Restless

Some are people born restless. The society, the culture, the world we live in would make you feel shame for this. That somehow the intrinsic, uncontrollable need to move is a character flaw, a selfish desire rooted in the longing to run away or live a life of leisure. I challenge that. For those of … Continue reading Some People Are Born Restless