Culture And Spiritual Immersion

As with any and all itineraries and experiences, we will customize your trip for what fits your wants and needs. The below itineraries are just samples and will be modified to make your unique trip everything you are looking for.

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Number of Days: 9 – 30 days
Cost: Starting From ~$100 USD per day
Potential Locations: Khumbu Region, Solukhumbu, Tibet

When you walk without thinking, and listen without hearing you will come find the full truth of who you are. Accompanied by a practicing monk and guided by your new friend, you journey deep into the land of the Buddha. There is no substitute for seeing with your own eyes and feeling with your own heart. Partake in daily meditations and visit isolated monasteries where you can become intimately familiar with your own spirituality. Spend time learning from high Lamas and renowned Ringpoches as you get a glimpse into an ancient past and the possibility of a beautiful future, all while walking under majestic mountains. You will lose yourself in those mountains, and only then will you find a new sense of who you are.

Our immersive Buddhist excursions are always lead by our local guides and partner practitioners who will be with you every step of the way. You will gain not only valuable spiritual insight into your own being, but you will gain new friends that will last a lifetime. Click below to see a sample itinerary.

Sherpa Homestay and Everest Panorama