Connection To Landscape

As with any and all itineraries and experiences, we will customize your trip for what fits your wants and needs. The below itineraries are just samples and will be modified to make your unique trip everything you are looking for.

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Number of Days: 12 – 30 days
Cost: Starting From ~$120 USD per day
Potential Locations: Everest Region, Annapurna, Mustang

“To practice walking meditation is to practice living in mindfullness.”
-Thich Nhat Hanh

One foot in front of the other. One piece of who you are embedded in each print your shoe leaves in the dirt. You wake each day with one objective: to walk in the warm embrace of the mountains. The deeper you wander into this unknown land the deeper you come to understand yourself. Free from the distractions and self-consciousness of everyday life you are free to explore the inner-workings of your soul. Triumphant over the impossibly thin air and daunting mountain faces you are left with a new paradigm in which to visualize your life. Each day ending with the satisfaction of the simplicity of steps taken and the promise of even further expansion of your mind tomorrow. You are transformed, body and soul, born anew in the fires of physical challenge and a raw connection with Nature.

Whether it’s trekking along the trail toward Mt. Everest, exploring the rushing rivers and valleys of the Annapurna Region, or testing yourself against steep snow and ice of one of the myriad peaks to climb, your journey in Nepal will be transformational in many ways. Learn about how life breaths there, how everything is connected, and how the mountains are home not just to people, but to new versions of ourselves. For some sample itineraries click the links below.

Island Peak Climb

Trek to Sundar Peak