Nomadic Movement

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Number of Days: 8 – 30 days
Cost: Starting From ~$75 USD per day
Potential Locations: Merzougha, Black Desert, Erg Chebi

There is simple beauty in movement. Following the path of the changing of seasons, the breathing of the Earth showing where and when to go. Thousands of years and thousands of miles human beings have moved. One step at a time. One generation after another. Now it is your turn to walk, for a short time, in those steps. You begin to discover the art and beauty and sadness in the moving. Time marches forward and the space to move begins to shrink. “What will I do when there is no more land to graze my goats? Where will I go?” You stand at the collision of climate, modernization, and the story of an ancient people being forced off the map into a land unknown to them. Come to learn and go home changed.

Morocco is home to some of the last truly nomadic cultures in the world. The Berber people whose history stretches the entire length of North Africa. The Bedouin people, from the Arabic word badawi, means “desert dweller.” In these ancient cultures there lies beauty and mystery and a chance for a deeper understanding of the world around you.

On these experiences you will spend time living daily life with a nomadic family to begin to understand the complex relationship these people have the world around them. Walk the desert and listen to the land and what it has to tell. Learn traditional methods of cooking and making homes. Hear stories of a time past and a future uncertain. When you leave this place the desert will not leave you.

Sample itineraries to come