Mapuche Homestay Culture

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Mapuche Cultural Immersion

The word Mapuche means “people of the Earth” in the Mapudungun language. This could not describe these ancient people more clearly and accurately. The Mapuche people have inhabited parts of Southern Chile for over 2000 years and have ancestral connections with diverse groups who inhabited this region for much longer. In the modern world the Mapuche are struggling to maintain their culture against an all out assault by many outside forces. Chile’s Mapuche people are proud, diverse, and eager to share their heritage with visitors. Through our immersion programs you will come to know these beautiful people on a personal level. Adventures include:


  • Village Homestay Program. Get to know the daily life and dreams of the Mapuche community of Quinquen near the town of Longquimay. Share in exchange of learning and experiencing the culture and life of the Mapuche people. Partake in breathtaking hikes, horseback adventures, and exhilarating water activities all lead by people of the community.
  • Artisan Workshops. Learn ancient skills from the people who have passed them down from generations. Whether it is weaving, cooking, or harvesting local plants you will come to have a deep understanding about how the Mapuche live in harmony with the world around them.
  • Santiago Cultural Preservation. Learn about the fight to preserve Mapuche culture in the area around Santiago. Visit a local ruka to partake in delicious food, learn a skill, and understand how the Mapuche people fight each day to maintain their culture in our modern world.

As part of our commitment to social justice through travel, 30% of profits from Mapuche Cultural Immersion trips goes to help the Mapuche People preserve their culture. This is in addition to our base goal of directing at least 50% of dollars spent every client trip directly into local goods and services provided by the people in our partner communities. We support the communities we travel in by supporting work they are already doing to achieve their goals.

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