Gaucho Culture Experience

As with any and all itineraries and experiences, we will customize your trip for what fits your wants and needs. The below itineraries are just samples and will be modified to make your unique trip everything you are looking for.

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In the far southern reaches of Chile, on the bottom of the Earth, an ancient way of life persists amongst the mountains and lakes and harsh conditions. The term Gaucho describes a “cowboy” of the South American continent. They’re livestock farmers, often migratory, and have made their way of life in the Patagonian Region for hundreds of years. Typically of Spanish and Indigenous decent, these are rugged people who love to work and love to share their way of life

  • Cattle; The Life-blood of The Gaucho: Learn the cattle trade and what it takes to make a life in an ancient and difficult industry. You will learn from the people who know it best how to work a herd of cattle. On horseback you will assist in rounding up the cattle and tagging them for inventory.
  • In Search Of the Condor: Following an old path laid by the forefathers of the Estancia, you will cross lush forest rich with birds and flora to arrive to Cerro Mirador. This is a traditional nesting site for the South American Condor. If good luck is with you there will be nesting birds which you can observe up close and learn about their life from knowledgeable guides.
  • Hiking and Trekking: Move through the amazing and rugged landscape surrounding the ranch as you view towering mountains, crashing waterfalls, and learn about the local flora and fauna. All lead by Gaucho guides who will teach you the ways of their ancestors.

For a taste of the opportunities that abound, view a sample itinerary here.


If you would like to experience the mountains of Patagonia, we have a special trekking and camping excursion for those comfortable being in the mountains. This 4 day, 3 night adventure will take you to Moore Monument Hill and the Ultima Esperanza.

This special program has been designed for hikers with experience on routes with inclines of more than 45 degrees . The hike climbs up to 1500 meters and goes through some pristine areas including forests of Lenga and Coigüe Beech trees. We will cross rivers, peat bogs, rocky ledges, and snow before panoramic views of the Antonio Varas Peninsula. The hike offers great chances to observe the flora and fauna found in the area.

Your guides for this trek will be Gauchos from Estancia Mercedes, which is the jumpoff point for this amazing excursion.