Indigenous Storytelling

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Number of Days: 4 – 30 days
Cost: Starting From ~$120 USD per day
Potential Locations: Lake District, Chiloe, Quinquen

When you listen to a story as old as time itself you begin to understand why speaking their truth is so important to the people of Chile. Days are spent walking the land, a land that has given life to generations of Mapuche people and continues to be a deep part of the soul of these people. As you learn of work and plants and community you will start to feel a change within yourself. When the sun rises and sets on each passing day you fall deeper into a way of life that seems… real. More important that wealth or material possessions, the Mapuche ask one thing of you: to listen to their story.

Our one of a kind community homestay experiences will create a space where you can explore not only the culture and heritage of the Mapuche people, but the depths of your own soul. You will leave Chile having learned deeply of what life means for your new friends, and also what life means deeply to yourself.

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Quinquen Mapuche Homestay

Lake District Homestay