Custom Departures

The journey to transformation is as unique and varied as we are as people. We are here to create a custom trip just for you that will meet your deepest travel desires.
Custom Itineraries Include:
  1. Pre-trip planning sessions to understand your travel needs
  2. Education and information on your destination
  3. Exercises to begin your transformational journey
  4. 100% custom plans and itineraries
  5. Access to experiences only we can offer
  6. Experienced guides and local operators ready to make your experience unforgettable
  7. Post-trip follow up to continue your transformation for life

Because each custom trip is completely unique cost can vary widely. It is best to come with a rough budget that we can start from but be flexible and understand that for travel to be transformational for you and for local people the cost must be fair. For some background and responsible pricing read our blog post here.


Currently we are crafting custom trips in Nepal, Chile, Morocco, and Mongolia. We would love to hear your ideas and desires for your chosen destination.

Sample Itineraries:

Keep in mind these are just examples and your 100% custom trip will be fit to meet your needs and desires.

Next Steps:

If you are ready to start crafting your transformational journey with us, reach out now and we can get started today. Click below to fill out our contact form and we will be in touch!

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