Community Leaders

The Karma Project is a non-profit organization that creates locally owned sustainable tourism companies to provide employment, education, medical services, and job training to people living in remote Himalayan villages. The Karma Project’s current goals are:

    • Provide medical scholarships for villagers to work as community doctors

    • Reduce deforestation, landslides, and respiratory problems

    • Provide training, equipment, and support to locally owned businesses

    • Promote supporting companies and organizations

For each unique, community based excusrion we provide in Nepal, 30% of revenues will go directly to the Karma Project to help support these goals and the work being done.

Karma Geljen Sherpa

The owner of The Karma Project, Karma Geljen Sherpa, is also our lead guide and is part of every trip we run. His story is not only inspirational, but is also just one of hundreds of examples of Sherpa people impacting their communities in positive ways. When you are in Nepal, Karma will make sure you not only are taken care of, but that you truly experience everything Nepal has to offer and leave with a sense of connection with his land and people. is a network of people from around the world working together to promote the sustainable development of communities and travelers. Today it is in countries like Cambodia, Colombia, Chile, UK, Sweden and it is still growing!

Our vision

We believe that encounters between people can drive sustainable development.

Our mission

To facilitate intercultural experiences that allow mutually beneficial meetings for travelers and local communities through community tourism.

With the help of our partners at Travolution, 30% of revenues from every trip to Chile will go directly back to one of their partner community projects. We rely on the leadership of Travolution to ensure that your funds go to help the places you travel.

Juan Marambio

Our partner at Travolution is Juan Marambio. Juan is one of the directors of the organization and has been working in responsibile and community based tourism most of his life. Juan loves Chile. Its people, its landscapes, and its potential for so much more. We are proud to partner with Juan and his team and can’t wait for you to meet them!

Mariana Del Brutto Costantino

As lead guide and main interpretor for our excursions, Mariana is also an integral part of your experience in Chile. As the sales and reservations manager of community based tourism programs Mariana helps ensure our programs benefit the people we meet along the way.

“I have always been interested in projects that involve tourism as a tool for the sustainable development of the territories, so my work at Travolution gives me the opportunity to link directly to community-based tourism projects in different phases of its development.”

In partnership with Reforestemos Patagonia we are helping to restore lost forest in the Patagonia Region of Southern Chile. For every traveler we send to the region we will plant five new trees in the Travel Life Adventures Forest! Once your trip is booked and paid for you can visit our forest page, search for your name, and see where your tree has been planted. With your help we can help bring lush, native forests back to this wild region.

“Welcome to the Amal Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to the empowerment of disadvantaged women through restaurant training and job placement. Amal’s ultimate goal is personal transformation and developing job and life skills for our trainees to eventually achieve economic and social stability. Our program offers the trainees a platform where they can enhance their capacities and learn new skills.”

Nora Fitzgerald Belahcen, Founding President

Out latest partnership, Amal Center is a unique organization working in Morocco to empower women. Based in Marrakesh, Amal offers job training and placement to women who’s chances of finding work in Morocco or low. Amal takes care of living expenses during the whole period of the training and does not ask the trainees to pay anything for the program, before or after their time at the program.

Because of this we have partnered with Amal to support their work. For each client who visits Morocco and participates in a day of activities at Amal Center, Travel Life Adventures will donate 10% of profits from the trip to this program.