Transformational Travel Is Not A Punch Line

I recently saw a video online that was poking fun at some traveler stereotypes that I found amusing, but it also got me thinking. In this video the character was making fun of a fictional “traveler” who was saying things like “I just want to experience local culture and immerse myself” but would then step … Continue reading Transformational Travel Is Not A Punch Line

Busting Myths About Traveling Solo As A Woman

  Often times when women share their solo overseas travel plans with others they are met with some form well-meaning advice or warnings to maybe bring someone with you. These comments undoubtedly come from a place of concern and misunderstanding of the world around us. It is important to acknowledge the unique and sometimes dangerous … Continue reading Busting Myths About Traveling Solo As A Woman

Travel + Storytelling

When we as human beings seek it out, we find our ability to connect with others through shared experience. Dialogue, conversation, and deep listening bring us closer to not only each other, but to who we are as well. There are few other conduits that are more suited to this than storytelling. Throughout human history … Continue reading Travel + Storytelling

5 Ways To Live In The Present While You Travel

Wanderlust: meaning “A strong desire to travel.” This term has been thrown around a lot the last couple of years. Something that has become more and more embraced as a way of life in recent years. Many young people, young professionals, and those in transitional periods in their lives are putting off having that fancy … Continue reading 5 Ways To Live In The Present While You Travel

Let’s Talk About Coming Home

You’ve taken the leap and embarked on a journey into the unknown. You’ve left home and traveled to some far off destination and in the process have had amazing experiences, learned so much about yourself and the world you live in, and you have come home changed. You’ve come home brimming with excitement and with … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Coming Home