The Next Evolution Of Travel Life Adventures Is Coming!

Do you all remember when 2020 started? I, at least, had high hopes and was excited for another year and all that jazz. Then everything decided to go to shit and here we are. Even though this has been a rough year so far, there is still a lot to learn and lots of ways to grow even as we navigate difficult times. 

We at Travel Life Adventures are taking this time to grow and evolve as people and a company. We have decided this is one of the best ways to use our time, to really look at what type of impact we want to make. Things from making travel more accessible to those who don’t have the opportunities like we do, to how we can help empower and support communities throughout the world. During this time of challenge we hope to grow into something new and are excited to bring you along.

We will be slowly making big changes and feel we are ready for the next evolution of our life’s work. Until then, please enjoy the photos and stories we will be sharing and keep an eye out for some new and exciting changes.


Kolena and Tanner


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