The Top 5 Most Visited Destinations We Are Embarrassed To Admit We Have Not Been

Tanner and I have been traveling for the last decade or more and we have been lucky to have traveled to some amazing places. From the far Western reaches of Mongolia to the Massai Mara in Kenya to the Arctic Circle in Finland. We have met some amazing people and seen some of the most beautiful scenery. With that being said we have “embarrassingly” not been to some of the most visited places in the world!

At TLA we talk a lot about over-tourism and protecting fragile land and culture from the pitfalls of negative tourism practices. So the question becomes is there an inherent problem with so many people visiting a single place? Should we choose not to go somewhere that might be enjoyable and interesting because it is too crowded? These are important questions and should be discussed amongst travelers and tourism professionals. In a simple, short answer we do believe there in value in spreading around both the negative and positive impacts of tourism. There is value in allowing more communities to participate in a conscious and sustainable tourism practice to improve their lives and grow as a community. 

So this has naturally led us to having not visited some of these most visited places. In our next blog we will look at seldom-traveled places that could be great alternatives to the more popular destinations, and could really benefit from some of the positive growth through tourism. We will also get into why we believe in the power of not contributing to over-tourism. But for now let’s take a look at the Top 5 most traveled places we have not visited, and then you can shame us into going 🙂

France: Topping the list, they saw 86.9 million international visits in 2018
China: Saw 60.7 million international visits in 2018
Italy: Saw 58.3 Million international visits in 2018
Germany: Saw 37.5 million international visits in 2018
United Kingdom: saw 37.7 million international visits in 2018

Again, this does not mean you shouldn’t go to these places, or even that we wouldn’t like to visit them some day. We are merely wanting to have an open conversation about our travel choices and try to present some alternative destinations that can have an equally amazing impact on you while also improving the lives of communities at these destinations and at other, less visited ones as well. Stay tuned for our next blog where we will provide some examples of alternative travel destinations for your next trip!

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