Photo Of The Week: Eagle Hunters Of Mongolia

This was one of the most epic and moving days we had in Mongolia. We were staying with a wonderful Kazakh family in the far West of Mongolia, enjoying the beauty of the land and people. These amazing people were gracious enough to teach us about their traditional and practice of Eagle Hunting where they use trained Golden Eagles to hunt game high in the mountains. This beautiful tradition has been passed down for generations and survives in a few pockets of the country. As this practice has gained popularity around the world the practice has been co-opted by those looking to cash in and who have no real knowledge or connection to the practice. It is vitally important that the actual practice of this way of life is respected and allowed to be seen for all its beauty.

This particular moment we were able to learn and have a deeper understanding of a different way of life. We waited in the cold having hiked up the mountain so that we could be there as the hunters made their way to the hunting area. The image of the men in their traditional fox fur clothes, majestic eagles perched on their arms, riding through the frozen landscape is something I’ll never forget. Isn’t that one of the best things about travel? As the saying goes “the moment we stop learning is the moment we stop living.”

Other Images From The Same Area

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