Photo Of The Week: Sherpa Dance

The Place

In the Solukhumbu Region of Nepal sits a small village called Sibuje. It is perched on top of a hill overlooking a beautiful valley, with dazzling peaks as it’s back drop.The land is filled with rows of buckwheat fields, cows, green grass and teahouses. There is a small but beautiful monastery and school that helps make up this tight knit and vibrant community. We love bringing people here as this is a unique place that many people will never see when visiting Nepal. It is off the beaten path but has so much to offer. We have been lucky to spend time there over the years, and this place has become our second home.

The Story

Thiis photograph is from our first trip to Nepal about 5 years ago. It was our last night staying in Sibjue. My senses were overwhelmed by the hospitality of the people and beauty of the small community we had come to know. We were having tea and all hanging out with the family as they prepared to say goodbye to us and most importantly to their community leader and son Karma Sherpa. I remember music started playing and traditional songs and dances started taking shape spontaneously. We were encouraged to join in and participate. Before we knew it we were all laughing and “trying” to do our best to learn a traditional Sherpa dance. This photo brings me back there, the feeling of happiness, joy and bonding over music and dance.   

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