Photo Of The Week: Moroccan Sunset

The Place

Morocco is a place of mesmerizing contrast, delicious food, amazing landscapes and wonderful culture. The desert and mountains and ancient stone streets beckons to those who hear the call of something wild and free. There is something to be found in the silence of solitude, in the vastness of endless sand, and in the ancient culture of one of the oldest places on Earth.

The Story

It was the end of our first day in Morocco. We still were a bit jet lagged but excited to be in a new place. We had just come back from a wonderful day exploring the ancient city of Marrakesh as we had decided to spend a few days there before setting out to the Atlas Mountains and then the Sahara Desert. Marrakesh is a great city, overwhelming for the senses at times but absolutely worth checking out and exploring. The streets are more like a maze of alleyways that beckon from a time long before cars were even thought of. The twists and turns leading us from one neighborhood to the next, bustling markets, the fragrant smells of spices, and beautiful mosques towering over the city. The evening came and we decided to head back to our Raid to watch the sunset on the roof. We had a delicious cup of Moroccan tea and as The Call To Prayer sang softly and beautifully in the background, we watched the sun go down. As it lowered slowly touching the horizon softly everything it touched turned brilliant shades of red and orange. We sat in silence waiting for the last light to fade a way, acknowledging that moments like these are few and far between and feeling overwhelmed with gratitude at this amazing gift.

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