Photo Of The Week: Morning Light

Photography, like any type of creative medium, has the power to tell stories, move you to action, or spark emotions in those who look upon it. Photography also has the unique ability to transport the observer to moments, places, and experiences that they might be thousands of miles from. We believe in the power of images to inspire. Once a week we will share an image that is particularly important to us and share the story behind it. Our hope is to connect you on a deeper level to places and people rather than just scroll past an endless supply or pictures.

In the Altai Mountains in Western Mongolia lies a small village that is home to very few. Life is unforgiving out there, isolated from the modern world and inhabited by a hearty few as Winter sets in. If you spend time there you will find that most conversation is centered around weather and how the lives of the human and non human inhabitants of the land are impacted. Survival depends on human and animal and land to work together to survive. The animals providing food and milk to sustain life, the land giving what it can, and the human beings caring as best they can for the animals who would not survive without shelter and food. It is a stark and often times harsh realization how all things function together. The cycles of birth and death, growth and harvest, up and down through the seasons of the Earth, a beautiful relationship as old as time itself.

The Story

We wake early to the sounds of morning. Birds chirping, fires igniting, and the clang of cups for the morning hot tea. The first light of day begins to fill the room as the small village stirs to life. In darkness all is frozen and motionless, waiting for the warmth of the sun to thaw the ice. We step out of the house with our new friend, determined to welcome the sun even in the freezing temperatures. As we walk along the river the Sun bursts over the mountains bathing everything it touches in soft light. Mist begins to rise from the half-frozen river and in the distance I see two cows, brave souls, drinking from the river. It is like they are held there, floating in the morning light, giving us courage to continue our walk. Somehow this image feels warm, the mist like steam rising from a hot bath. How different it was in the moment, but somehow similar. Life goes on despite the elements, moving forward together hand in hand.

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