5 Tips For Traveling With Your Partner

Our main goal and driving motivation at Travel Life Adventures is to provide amazing, transformative, and socially responsible travel experiences of the highest possible quality. With that we also aim to educate, guide, and provide resources to travelers and to travel companies. Tanner and I not only co-own TLA, we are also married and do most of our traveling together. We get many questions from friends, family, and from travelers at large about how we manage to travel as often and in the style we do and maintain a healthy relationship.

First things first, our relationship is not perfect, we have struggles, and in travel we have found ourselves in many situation where the strain on our partnership was immense. We have both made mistakes and not been our best. But, over the years we have learned from those mistakes and thought it might be helpful to share what we have learned and some tips on traveling with a partner.

If I had to summarize in one tip it would be to always keep the lines of communication open and be extra diligent in expressing yourselves honestly. This can combat so much of what happens in life and in travel when emotions are heightened. I hope you find this list helpful. Hit us with a comment here or on our social media outlets and let us know what you think. What are your partner travel tips?

Make Sure and Give Yourself Personal Time

This goes in daily life, but especially when traveling. No matter how much you love your partner, having time alone when traveling is imperative for both of your happiness. For us this comes in two ways. First, we try to build a little time in each day to do our own thing, as much as is possible in the situation we are in. This can be as simple as reading a book, listening to music alone, or taking a walk to reflect, explore, and refresh with your own thoughts. The second way is to build in at least one separate activity during the trip that we can engage in individually. For example, on a recent trip to Morocco we enjoyed an excursion into the desert together and had an amazing experience. Once that was finished I headed back to Marrakesh to meet a friend and Tanner went on a 4 day motorcycle trip in the Sahara. These were both things we each wanted to do and the time to explore independently really enhanced the whole trip. Creating space to be your own person, to explore your own space, and to create your identity individually will only make the travel experience more enjoyable for both.

Plan your Itinerary Together

When heading off on a trip together, it is so important that you both are having input into the plan and be able to find common ground on how you will spend your time. This means you will both need to compromise and sometimes do things that maybe are not your first choice. But doing this deepen the bond you both share over the trip and create an environment where you will both be engaging in things that speak to you. This is also why the first tip is also important too, so that you both feel more able to compromise knowing there is space for you each to do the things you really want to do. Those shared memories and experiences will bring you closer together and allow the travel you do together to be transformational for you as individuals, and for your relationship.

Have Patience With Each Other

This is probably one of the most important things to remember when traveling with your partner. Travel is stressful, things are going to go wrong that are most likely not in your control, and your will have to adapt to changing circumstance quickly. Everyone handles these situations differently and remaining patient and understanding to your partners needs will go a long way in mitigating the potential negative effects of the stresses of travel. You are in this together. You are choosing this experience together. The more you can work together the smoother your trip will be.

Have Fun/Play

Traveling should be fun and exciting! This is especially true when travelling with your partner. Take time to play and be spontaneous. Jump in a lake. Take an impromptu tour of something unplanned. Keep a light heart and keep the vibes positive. Challenges will inevitably come, and true transformational travel will induce some difficult reflection. In those times the positivity and fun attitude will go a long way to helping work through those things in a positive way. At its best travel does challenge us in many different ways, but together if you can keep your sense of wonder and joy, those challenges will have positive outcomes for you as a partnership and in your own lives as well.

Agree On A Budget Before Hand

This one sounds simple but it is so important to agree on what type of budget you will have for your trip before you go. Sit down and look at everything you like to do and what you will realistically spend when you are there. The last thing you want is to be discussing finances or being surprised by unexpected money challenges while you travel. Making a good plan before you go, talking each day about the budget, and holding each other accountable will help maintain an easy and stress free experience in the money department. That being said, it is also good to be flexible and be ready to alter your budget as things change. Maybe an amazing opportunity presents itself you didn’t foresee and you both see huge value in it. Talk it through, adjust your budget, and don’t miss out on something beautiful just to “stick to our budget.” Finances are challenging in all settings in life, when traveling together a good plan and a flexible attitude are huge assets in navigating money together.

With all this being said, more than anything remember that you love each other and you chose to embark on this journey together, both in life and in your travels. Creating memories and sharing in experiences together is the single most profound and effective practice in creating, strengthening, and enjoying your bond as partners. Be patient with yourselves too, it takes practice. Each trip try to make small improvements, small victories in how you travel together and remember that over time things will get more dialed in. Tanner and I have been traveling together for more than a decade and though we are pretty comfortable, we still learn something new each time we go.. This is a special time together and something that should be cherished.

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