Transformational Travel: A Path Of Discovery And Purpose

Transformational Travel is not only about what you discover when you travel in this way, it is about what you DO with what you discover and how you can change the world around you with that new way of being.

Transformational Travel is a word that has been kicked around the last few years in the travel world. Transformational travel is not a trend or a fad, but a way of life. The concept has been around for many decades and is something we have been discovering over the past 10 years. As a recent buzz word, this concept has lost some of its meaning and has been transformed into another new-age, millennial idea of how we can make everything only about ourselves. At it’s core yes, this way of living and traveling is about personal growth and expanding of the mind, but it is also about connection, community, and expanding the definition of what it means to share humanity. It is also a tool for empowerment and a way for people whose choices have been taken to regain some of the power over their own lives. In short, Transformational Travel is a communal practice of discovering deeper parts of our own humanity and connecting with the larger web of humankind to improve the quality of life of all involved.

What Is Transformational Travel?

The concept of Transformational Travel is the idea that travel can be a catalyst and venue for the expansion of consciousness and our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. With the right experiences, the right mindset, and an open heart and mind the traveler can literally become transformed through experiences that do not fit within the boundaries of existing assumptions, expectations, worldviews or cultural paradigms. It also becomes transformative for the places the traveler visits through support of local people, sustainable and responsible tourism, and interpersonal connections that enrich the lives of those involved.

Benefits Of Transformational Travel

When we leave behind our comfort, our preconceived ideas, and our personal bias’ we enter into a new paradigm, a world where anything is possible and each person is our kin. The idea of Transformational Travel is to push you outside of your comfort zone so you can discover meaning and community. This can happen abroad or at home, the setting being even your own city. In its best form Transformational Travel will move you to resist going back to your daily routine and way of life and way of being. It will allow  you to see even your old neighborhood in a different way. And therein lies the true benefit of Transformational Travel: discovery of a new way of seeing the world and the desire to act upon that new idea to make the world a better place.

Is Transformational Travel For You?

Do you look around you and wonder, “Is there something more?” Have you felt as though you are stuck in some way, not able to find peace and joy? Do you see injustice in the world and wonder what you can do? Do you love adventure and are you open to new things? Then you are ready for a transformational experience through travel. We believe that everyone can benefit from Transformational Travel and everyone is able to have these experiences no matter your physical ability, gender, race, socioeconomic status, or country of origin. How it looks and how you find it is going to look different from your neighbor. For me, I tend to go away for a month or two at a time, preferably to a new place or a place much different than where I live, because I need to disconnect and be away from the things that at times keep me from staying in the moment. Transformational Travel can be done in whatever way works for you. All that needs to happen is that you push your boundaries physically, mentally or emotionally and be ready to connect on a deeper level with the people and places around you.

Ideas for a Transformational Trip

If you have made it this far you have heard the call to adventure, and that is the first step! There are numerous ways you can find Transformational Experiences and we at Travel Life Adventures would love to help you create your journey. We offer a host of trips that can be customized and executed in whatever way you are looking for and whatever fits your needs. From the vast Sahara desert of Morocco, the wide open spaces of Patagonia, or the high mountains of Nepal, we believe we can help you have a trip that will leave a lasting impression.

The profound and life-changing benefits of Transformational Travel will not come easy. You must take the steps to heed the call, prepare your body and mind, and strike out into the unknown to discover the universe you have never seen before. Answers to your deepest questions and a path to your purpose await you if only you will go.

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2 thoughts on “Transformational Travel: A Path Of Discovery And Purpose

    1. Hi there, thanks for the comment and taking the time to read the blog. I hope your journey comes to you and that you will be able to hear the call as well. Keep us posted on how things are going and if we can be if help please reach out via email. Our work is to help people along the path and create spaces where soul work can happen, so we always love to hear when folks feel connected to something. Hope to hear from you soon! Take care.


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