Top 5 Reason To Visit Nepal Right Now

Nepal is known for its dramatic landscapes and majestic mountains, but Nepal is rich in many other ways as well. From its amazing culture, food, and history to the warmth and kindness of its diverse people, Nepal is much more than just high peaks. Nepal is recovering from a devastating earthquake in 2015 and has done an amazing job of rebuilding lives and infrastructure. One of the best ways we as travelers can help is to inject our tourism dollars directly into the local community. With all of the amazing activities, this is not a difficult thing to do. These are a few reasons to visit Nepal on your next trip.


Nepal has some of the oldest cultures in the world, some even dating back thousands of years. Within the framework of Nepali society, there are many different ethnic tribes that all have an influence in the culture of Nepal. Each of them have a distinctive language and culture that is unique to that group, tough Nepali is spoken by almost all in the country as well. Because of this you will encounter many different living styles, festivals, rituals, music and traditions which help make Nepal one of the most culturally diverse countries in the region. From Buddhists to Hindus to Muslims, Nepal houses diverse and distinct religious groups as well, but unlike some of its neighbors Nepal has found a way to live in relative harmony. All of this comes together to create a vibrant, colorful, and inviting experience for all who visit.

History and Architecture

In just Kathmandu alone there are seven UNESCO world heritage sites that are part of the countries rich history and architecture. One of our personal favorites is Pashupatinath, named for Lord Shiva. This is a holy temple for Hindu people that dates back to 753AD. This is where Hindu people go to worship, to pray, and to cast the remains of their deceased loved ones into the holy river.  This is just one of the many amazing heritage sites you will be able to visit. Take a stroll through the old city of Bhaktapur and you will be treated to the intricate and ancient wood carvings that adorn many of the buildings here. This form of woodwork is unique to Nepal and is a really a site to behold. From temples to gardens to old growth forest, Nepal is truly a trip for the senses.


This region is famous for mountains, and for good reason. Nepal is home to 8 of the 10 highest mountains in the world including the highest, Mt. Everest. It would be a tragedy to visit this incredible place and not set your eyes on the famous Himalayas. From the Annapurna Range, the deep valleys of the Solokhumbu, Mustang, or the famous Khumbu region you will have more choices than you can imagine to enjoy the mountains. On top of enjoying these beautiful mountains make sure and get to know the locals along the way and allow them to show you their home that they have lived in for so many centuries.


Obviously Nepal’s mountains birth all kinds of adventures, but did you know that this country has adventure of all kinds? You can embark on a thrilling white water rafting trip down the Indrawati River, bungee jump from one of Nepal’s high bridges, or Paraglide in the shadow of Fishtail Mountain over the lakeside town of Pokhara. Mountain biking is also growing rapidly in the region with some of the best single track biking in Asia. If wildlife is your thing, take a driving or walking safari through Chitiwan National Park and spot the elusive Bengal Tiger if you are lucky. If you are up for it you can spend many weeks in Nepal and never sit still!

The People

With all of those breathtaking experiences and amazing sites to see, the true gem of this amazing country is its people. You may come to Nepal for the thrills, but you will return again and again because of the people you will meet. On landing in Nepal you will be greeted with kind eyes and warm smiles as Nepalese people are some of the kindest, warmest, most loving people we have meet on our travels. Take time to get to know them, maybe participate in a homestay for part of your trip. They are eager to share their country with you and show you why so many people love this place.


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    1. I understand that haha. Well we obviously think you should go, and there is really no better time than right now. If you are looking for a truly transformational experience Nepal is the place to be. With the right mindset you can really find a new way of seeing yourself and the world around you there.

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