Top 5 Reasons Chile Should Be On Your Travel List In 2018

Chile is a sliver of a country, only 110 miles wide on average, that encompasses a huge variety of landscapes and people. From deserts to jagged granite peaks, from fertile river valley to wild and rugged coastline, Chile is as diverse a country as there is in the world. Couple that with beautiful and varied cultures that date back hundreds, if not thousands, of years and you can see why it is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations to visit.

We believe every place on Earth holds its own treasures and each person that travels has their own unique reasons for setting out to whatever place calls to them. So, take the following list of  the top 5 reasons to visit Chile as inspiration, something to get you excited about visiting one of our favorite places in the world. When you get there you will have the opportunity to have your own unique experience and we know you will be changed by it.

Santiago Culinary Scene and Culture

Santiago is a bustling city with so much to do and amazing food to eat. You will find a mix of quality international cuisine mixed with local favorites to create a unique experience. There are also plenty of markets to check out where you can really get a feel for local food and culture. Santiago is a destination worthy of a visit all on its own.


This is a place that lives in the daydreams of so many people, and for good reason. One of the last truly wild regions in the world, Patagonia has adventure for expert climbers and novice hikers all the same. The jagged peaks of Torres Del Paine National Park are the most popular destination and welcome trekkers with stunning views and good infrastructure. If water adventure is more your thing there are hundreds of miles of rivers, bays, fjords, and open ocean to explore via kayak or boat. Come and witness the splendor of this magical place, you may even meet the local Guanacos, they are a quirky bunch.


When it comes to vibrant culture and ancient history, Chile rivals its more well-travelled neighbors without the crowds you might find in Peru or Argentina. Indigenous people in Chile are proud and are working hard to preserve their way of life and are eager to share their story with all who will listen. Chile is also home to ancient ruins and historical landmarks that give visitors a deep insight into the people of this country.

Hospitality and welcoming faces

As soon as you touch down in Chile you are greeted with warm, welcoming faces. I instantly felt at home being here. Chileans are proud of their country and more than happy to show you why. You will find warm invitations for tea and for conversation from local people who love sharing their culture. If you take an interest and make an effort to connect, Chilean people are some of the most hospitable and engaging as we have found in the world.

Wild and Untouched

Looking to go get into wild places that are untouched? Chile as a country has multitudes of wild and rugged landscapes that are easy to get lost in. In North Chile you will find the altiplano, the high plateau land of the Andes mountains that are home to vast desert and high peaks. In the South you will find Patagonia and the Carretera Austral. This is a remote, unfinished and at times completely wild area with amazing national parks, huge fiords’, and glaciers that will leave you reeling. It is also home to some of Chile’s indigenous communities with amazing culture and isolated villages.

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